Learn to fly games: Play learn to fly 2 you will try to teach your penguin how to fly and buy special upgrades! Much fun

Play learn to fly 2: You learned how to fly, but Icebergs stopped you and crushed your dreamsHe is ready to prove that the folks at Failbird are wrong. Penguins aren’t flightless birds and he is determined to recover from his last attempt that will hopefully allow him to flap his wings and soar.

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This cool action flash game has a very amusing intro. Our penguin’s last failed attempt led him to become one of the laughing stocks of failbird.org, a fictional site that features the world’s most humiliating fail bird scenarios. But he won’t stop until he proves that the world is wrong. Help him through his attempts to learn how to fly as you navigate your way throughout the game’s different modes.

Learn How to fly ?

There are three different modes to choose from and the easiest one can be done via Story Mode. You will be guiding a fake sandbag penguin to a series of crash courses as you attempt to let him land without crashing in the snow. You will also be able to upgrade your penguin’s flight equipment using the cash that you earned from the training course. You can upgrade the slide, the boost, the glider and the payload. You can even set the ramp’s length and ramp’s height according to your desired options. But the game isn’t as easy as what you think. You will have to navigate across obstacles. You will have to pass through a series of rocky hills and ice bergs without fail.

Your bird can actually be a flying champ!

Learn To Fly 2 will challenge you to play with coordinated controls. Attempt to achieve the longest distance and reach the highest altitude for as fast as you can. And if you succeed, you will be rewarded with great bonuses and medals. Learn to Fly 2 is a very thrilling action launcher that can get you hooked for hours. Of course, the best reward would be to prove that the world’s flightless bird can actually be a flying champ!

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