Happy wheels games:  With a slightly different twist you will get a real sensation of the accident. It can happen to everyone. Happy wheels is a bloody physics based vehicle game. Enjoy!

Play happy wheels games: Choose your character and try to win the deadly race.

All of the characters – Happy wheels

Now meet happy wheels. A game that has nothing to do with penguins… or feet for that matter. You will be riding the most funky contraptions, with the weirdest peeps, on the most strange tracks imaginable. Oh strike the comment about feet. Feet do come into play when they get ripped off your legs.
What can one say about Happy Wheels? Tis probably one of the best known physics-skill-driving games of all time. Certainly not known for it’s subtlety, but more for the pure insanity it instills.
As a player, you get the opportunity to drive numerous vehicles, The combination of the bizzare with the weird makes this skill-driving game extremely entertaining. But it does not end there. In fact, the most popular element of this game involves the most gruesome of features – the character you are controlling in the game, if not cared for properly, will end up ripped to shreds in the various horrible ways.

Play happy wheels 

Drive poorly… or even well, and you will see terrible, terrible things happen to the ragdoll character you control. Be-it arms getting ripped off, or legs perhaps, or some other bodily part. This combined with copious amounts of blood spilling everywhere, will keep the most sadistic of players amused for a while!

You can get in the challenging terrain – Happy wheels

Less than two minutes after you click “PLAY”, you’ll be causing some seriously funny mayhem and carnage to some peculiarly odd characters on different types of vehicles with wheels. There is the previously mentioned woman on a bike with her two children. A man on a bike with his son in a car seat. The father is wearing a helmet but the son is not, I guess its good he has a helmet on when his head falls off.

All of the characters are amusing before they even move.
The object of the game is to move your character through each level without dying. Losing body parts is ok, just don’t die.

Just don’t die – Play happy wheels

Your journey begins here. Play on numerous tracks, with numerous vehicles and even more strange folk. Drive well, and see how far you can get in the challenging terrain. Drive as far as you poor ragdoll can go before falling apart. This is your time. This is the place. Do not let the opportunity pass you by! Enjoy!
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