Play myfrogio game: fun game that pits players against each other in a world where its eat or be eaten, you start as a small tadpole and as you grow more you begin to look more and more like a frog.

Myfrogio:  The game has just been officially released but it’s attracting more and more attention of players from all over the world. Lots of people are so addicted to Multiplayer iO games, and they keep playing them over and over again every single day. You can totally believe that new iO games are added continuously to many sites online, which causes more players to be very inquisitive about the new gameplays. With game, you will get a chance to experience new challenges, a new mission and play against plenty of skilled opponents as well. If you are a loyal fan of iO games, then surely you won’t let go of MyFrogio! Can you become the biggest tadpole in this dangerous pond?

Play myfrogio game at Friv 4 games! is a fantastic Multiplayer game that uses “iO” extension and it has just been published recently. The game can be considered as a variant of which is also a popular iO game on the Internet. If you are a big fan of game, maybe you will be able to pinpoint the identical points between these two games. But still, will get its own unique features and gameplay. Instead of controlling a Limax, now you will direct a little cute frog. The game sets in an amazing frog world full of tasty pellets. Once you spawn into the game, you need to take control of your frog and move it around the game arena to swallow a lot of colorful pellets scattering around the map. At first, you are just a baby frog trying to hunt for foods, but when the game advances and if you’re still alive, you will become the most powerful amphibian. Just make an effort to eat the foods as much as possible to grow up faster and become stronger!

Play games Myfrogio – Have Fun

One of the best things in the game is to create the deadly traps to get rid of the enemy frogs! This kind of gameplay bears the resemblance to When you become a bigger frog, you should try to kill other opponents by setting traps right behind you, These traps are called a trial of lily pads and they are extremely dangerous to all players. When you confront with an enemy, you must rush in front of them faster and hold the left mouse button for a bit to make your traps. The enemy will have to run into your traps and die because he can’t make an escape in time. After that, you must grab his dead mass instantly to increase your size and make it larger. This is such a great way to wipe out the enemies, giving you more chances to become the best frog ever on the leaderboard. However, you should be careful because the enemies can do the same to you. Hence, you must stay watchful when roaming around the map, do not crash into the traps set by them, or else your game will come to an end instantly, and you will star it over again.

Most of the iO games online support useful mods for all players to experience, and game is not an exceptional case. At the moment, Mods haven’t been developed and published yet, but these mods are highly expected to be launched in future since the game is getting more and more popular with plenty of players joining day by day. When MyFrogio Mods are out, you can totally use extra helpful features added to the game so that you can gain more advantages. These mods are very helpful because they offer lots of tricks, hacks and amazing features, such as zoom hacks, new skins, backgrounds and so on.

How to play myfrogio game

How to play myfrog io

The control in game is kind of easy and understandable! All you need to do is to use the mouse for controlling the direction of your frog. Move your frog around carefully with the mouse, and also, you can set your deadly traps by clicking left mouse button. Doing so will make your frog rush faster, leaving a trail of lily pads behind. Alright, let’s jump into the game now and try to become the powerful frog on the leaderboard!

You can play this game – myfrogio and more games online at Friv 4 games! Have fun!

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